Are you emotionally struggling? feeling angry, overwhelmed, anxious, guilty, disappointed, and frustrated?

Despite the works, relationships, and other issues, experiences of frequent stress or failures can make you feel anxious and uncomfortable. Anyone single, divorced, married, or in a relationship with unresolved conflicts and overload stress can experience emotional pain and tension within oneself and others.

Each individual and family is unique, diverse in roots, beliefs, backgrounds, and life experiences. Some parents may have the tendency to be assertive while others being permissive, others may strike for control, perfection, and achievements, while others tend to be passive and ignorant. Teens, adults, and children may struggle for having self-acceptance, self-esteem, life purpose, against the rules, detachment from the family, or being pessimistic.

With a clear mind and emphatic understanding, everyone can empower themself to generate a solution, trust, and courage to live their fullest. Feel free reach me through What’s App at +62 0815 841 310 53 to schedule the initial session. I am committed to facilitate and process the healing of each client in a safe and trusted space.