Monica Sri Sunaringsih, BA., MSc., Psych

Hello, I’m Monica Sri Sunaringsih, a Clinical Psychologist in Indonesia. I Provide psychological services for assessment, counseling, and therapy sessions, online and offline.
I help people to overcome various behaviors, emotional, communication, and learning issues in typical and atypical individuals and families. My own life experience as a mother of a teen with Autism, ADHD, intellectual disability leads me to be a professional with special concern in the well-being and development of individuals with neurodevelopmental issues. For specific purposes, I create Individual Learning Program (ILP). As well, managing the intrapersonal or interpersonal conflicts within the individuals and/or families, and support those who are struggling to find life’s potential and purpose. I integrated person-centered, expressive art and play, and CBT approaches. I provide compassion, safe space, and commitment to facilitate clients in their healing process and growth.